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Our Products


1 gallon kits (make 5 bottles) in 6 varities-$27.99 each

6 gallon Vintners Reserve kits, entry level grade (make 30 bottles) in 12 white or 13 red varities-$65.99-$83.99

6 gallon World Vineyard kits, will denote country of grape origin in 7 white or 13 red varities-$81.99-$89.99

6 gallon Selection kits, will denote country of origin and additional juice in 14 white or 30 red varities-$111.99-$159.99

6 gallon Eclipse kits, from Premier Vineyards in the U.S.A. in 5 white or 6 red varities-$164.99-$175.99

6 gallon Island Mist kits, similar to wine coolers in 21 varities-$68.99

3 gallon Dessert wine kits, 2 ice wines, sherry and port style-$89.99-$99.99


128 ounce Fruit Base for scratch wine makers in 15 varities-$39.99


6 gallon Hard Cider kits in12 varities-$39.99


Supplies for Mead


4 gallon Soda Pop kits in 7 flavors-$7.99-$9.99



1 gallon Brewers Best kits in 14 flavors-$13.99-$20.99

5 gallon BB kits in 43 flavors including ales, stouts, porters, IPA-$19.00-$54.99







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