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Wine Making


Making wine at home


It’s easy!

Your first wine will be a success. We guarantee it 100%

    Visit Let’s Make Wine to purchase a home winemaking package

Kits include all of the equipment you need to make your first batch at home

The quality of the wine you can make at home will amaze you

Your first batch can be ready in as little as four weeks

We are committed to helping you every step of the way through:

Demonstration class

Information sheets

Great service.

Telephone advice and videos




Our Products


1 gallon kits (make 5 bottles) in 6 varities-$29.99 each

6 gallon Vintners Reserve kits, entry level grade (make 30 bottles) in 12 white or 13 red varities-$65.99-$83.99

6 gallon World Vineyard kits, will denote country of grape origin in 7 white or 13 red varities-$81.99-$89.99

6 gallon Selection kits, will denote country of origin and additional juice in 14 white or 30 red varities-$111.99-$159.99

6 gallon Eclipse kits, from Premier Vineyards in the U.S.A. in 5 white or 6 red varities-$164.99-$175.99

6 gallon Island Mist kits, similar to wine coolers in 21 varities-$68.99

3 gallon Dessert style wine kits and 2 ice wines-$99.99


128 ounce Fruit Base for scratch wine makers in 15 varities-$39.99


6 gallon Hard Cider kits in12 varities-$39.99


Supplies for Mead


4 gallon Soda Pop kits in 7 flavors-$7.99-$9.99

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